Thursday, January 5, 2012


Lorikeets..bright green, blue, yellow, and orange. They fly around the neighborhood and we found these in a ward members backyard.  They had at least 8 they were feeding.
Galahs...the gray and pink ones are really beautiful and are found in our neighborhood!

  Sulphur-crested  Cockatoo!    
 They are the trees, in peoples yards.  They squawk loudly as it is their mating season...actually they squawk all the time!!  We think they are beautiful but annoying at night! They will let you walk right up to them as people feed them.

Australian White Ibis...weird looking bird!!  Found in all the parks around Campbelltown

                                              Dusky Moohen ....strange and colorful! 
                                                Found by all the ponds in the Campbelltown area favorite.  We have been here a year and just saw him.  We hear him in the mornings and evenings laughing away!!!!

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