Sunday, January 6, 2013


Every season seems to bring new color to the area! The Fall colors in April... as Fall is in April. The name of this tree is a Tribouchina. This tree is such a brilliant purple. 

 We have the Spring Colors in September.
The Jacaranda that we love in Arizona are everywhere during the Spring!

 Bottle Brush tree by our flat! When there are lots of blossoms we get Lorikeets and other birds hanging out in the tree which is great except they poop all over our car!! And the bottle brush stick to the bonnet! I don't know the name of the tree with the white blossoms or the bell looking flowers.

Bouganvilla is so beautiful here. The vine grows up into the trees even the pine trees.  They come in all the colors that we have in Arizona.
The Wollemia Pine.  One of the world's rarest plants.  This tree can also be found in the Wollemi National Park NW of Sydney. The trees here in Australia are really large and twisted!



  1. How are you guys doing?? Love your posts as a way to see you and keep up on the great missionary work you are doing.. Keep it up!! Love you. Dawn

  2. I just noticed that it shows it came from Mom. (my posts to chalese on her blog) I am not really either of your mother but just wanted to say HI.