Thursday, April 18, 2013


Sister Nunuz and Sister Niebergall found themselves with a flat tire and with Elder Crawford and the manual they did it!!

We were at the Liverpool Zone meeting at the Prarie Wood Chapel.  A member cooked Samoan food for all of us to eat for lunch! The Zone leaders had given all of the missionairies a shirt that had in chinese 'Yo Ban Fa' which means 'I can do this' !  On the back of the tee shirt it said W O D standing for Worthy  Obedient   Diligent.
 of Gabriella with Elder Shelton and Elder Moncho. Our district missionaries...Elder Ravsten, Elder Moncho, Elder Frietag, Elder Ah Fook, Elder Shelton and Elder Fietau

Senior couples having fun at Port Stephens and Nelson Bay! Jorgensens,Williams, Kohlerts, Barrs and us! We went on a Dolphin cruise and saw so many dolphins!

 The pathway up to the view of the whole area and then it gets bad!! Almost straight up for one
kilometer...thought I was not going to make it but I did!  Absolutely breathtaking! Goes along with that saying "It won't be easy but it will be worth it"!  Everyone I met on the trail kept telling me that. There were four of us that hiked up,,,,,,the other three were way ahead of me! This area is the Tomaree National Park and the hike ended at the Tomaree Headland.